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Pre Order The Chochin

The Chochin Wall Lamp. Easy, Affordable, Effective.

A Fully Panoramic Light With Style.

The Chochin Wall Lamp lights a wall of your home evenly like no other lamp. We Integrate the spherical design of the ancient Japanese Chochin Into your home without requiring an anchor point on your ceiling. We instead integrate the design tastefully into the walls of your home.

The Chochin Wall Lamp has a boltless mounting system, which allows you to leave the walls of your home in prestine condition as they were when you moved in.

Not only does our lamp have the above state of the art features. Our lamp's lightweight design minimizes its carbon footprint making it the eco friendly option.
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Chochin Wall Lamp Specifications

Relative Performance

Aesthetic Eastern Culture Fully Panoramic

Cost The Most Cost Effective at $15.00

Installation Easy and Safe For Your Wall

Ecology The Most Environmentally Friendly

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